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Like everyone else, I have always enjoyed music. All forms. Much to my disappointment I never had a talent for playing or singing. But, once I retired I decided that lack of talent was no excuse for not obtaining a better understanding of music. So, I started out on a quest to learn more about music theory. I subscribed to some Great Courses. I soon realized that I needed some practical experience. So, I decided to try to write some music. As a result I wrote several fugues, a sonata, and other things.

Below are a selection of the music I wrote. You will see that only six fugues are listed below; that's because even I knew that my Sixth Fugue was terrible. The last piece is a variation on the Faith Hill song "Let Me Let Go". My efforts to obtain any feedback have been unsuccessful. You can send feedback to images@jamesburrill.com. It will be much appreciated.

Sheet Musicmp3
First Fugue
Second Fugue
Third Fugue
Fourth Fugue
Fifth Fugue
Seventh Fugue
Kitchen Sink Sonata
Katie's Song
Variations on LMLG

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