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Relaxing at one of my favorite places.

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I am a Christian and a member of the Valley Life Church, part of the Assemblies of God.

I am a reformed (e.g., retired) computer scientist. I worked for 45 years doing software development and compiler research. I was a research fellow working for the Architecture & Language Implementation Group in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. My last project was as chief architect for the Scale compiler, written in java, which was used as the compiler for the TRIPS processor.

I still write code. My efforts lately have revolved around personal tools to use in manipulating images. I have also written some apps for android devices. My latest effort is an app called ScrabbleCheat for cheating at "Words with Friends". It generates words from the letters you have to play with.

Now I spend my time taking photographs, writing poetry, and trying to write music. I have been married to my wife, Joyce, since August, 1967. We have identical twin daughters.

I enjoy physical activity such as biking, wake boarding, skiing, and flying. Before I started flying general aircraft, I spent eleven years flying hang gliders and ten years flying ultralight aircraft. I am a FAA recognized pilot with a private pilot's license. I enjoy reading, particularly political thought, biographies, and historical novels. I used to be a science fiction fan and have a large library of old science fiction novels.

Politically, I am a conservative. I have a "fundamental belief in the worth and dignity of every individual; a commitment to freedom and its most essential component, personal responsibility; a conviction that government should do for people only that which they are unable to do for themselves; and an assurance that economic freedom underpins political freedom in a civil society."

The voice of evil, posing as freedom, tells us that we are free to ignore the difference between life and death, and between blessing and cursing. But when you are told that your choices are without consequences, you are not told that you are free, you are told that you are meaningless. -- John Ashcroft
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