Jim Burrill's Essays on Quality

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I wrote these essays on ISO 9000 to motivate people to think each day about quality as it affects them. These essays also served to make me think in some detail about each subject. This heightened my understanding of each topic.

In this endeavor, I was helped by a book containing hundreds of quotes on quality. I could always find something in it that gave me material to use or illustrated some point I was trying to make.

Helio Gomes (Ed.), Quality Quotes, ASQC Quality Press, ISBN 0-87389-407-3

Useful ISO 9000 information can be found at the American Society for Quality.

1/27/97Quality Quotes
1/30/97The Fourth Aspect of ISO 9000
1/31/97What is Quality?
2/03/97The Falutin' Index
2/04/97Small Improvements
2/05/97Fast Times
2/06/97The Cost of Quality
2/07/97The Cost of Quality: Part Deux
2/08/97Our Quality Policy
2/11/97Quality System Documentation, Purpose of
2/13/97Contracts, Part I
2/14/97Contracts, Part II
2/18/97The Universal Design Control Procedure
2/19/97Angel Tricks
2/20/97Document Control

Labour to keep alive in your Breast that Little Spark of Celestrial fire Called Conscience.
George Washington
There are costs to any program of action. But, nothing compared to the long term costs of comfortable in-action.
John F. Kennedy


It has been over 18 years since I wrote these essays. While updating the essays to XHTML, I reflected on what happened so long ago. The company failed not long after I left, but not because we failed to implement ISO 9000. Rather, IMHO, it failed, like most small companies, due to poor management; The company had no reason to exist and efforts to find a reason failed.

I left because I realized that management, which included me, was not supporting my efforts. When the executive board of your company refuses to implement ISO 9000 at their level, the people at lower levels will resist implementing it at their level.

I went back to research where a low-to-medium falutin' programmer could still be effective.
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